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New Books for 2017

New Books by Robyn P Murray

Author of Roger the Rooster and The Spirit of Cameron of Ambury Park Farm,  Jack’s Mountains, Neal Williams Adventures and more…

by Robyn P Murray
Big Sister Little Sister

Announcing the arrival of two new titles COMING SOON!

Big Sister & Little Sister and I Did It!

And later Grandpa’s Den and A Snowy Kiwi Christmas.

This is a review for “I Did It!”

I really like the story too, great for our children this one: giving a great responsibility message to them.  Using the teaching virtues of responsibility, helpfulness, respect and caring as examples would make a great series of short books, especially for the 2 to 4 year olds.  Children only learn these virtues by learning about examples of what they look like.  Cushla showed responsibility in this story, respect is something that children need to be reminded of constantly but they don’t know what the word means until somebody compliments them for using it: then they have something to hang the word on to, if you know what I mean.  Resilience and Empathy are, I believe, the two most important virtues for children to learn.  I see so many people acting badly through lack of empathy!

Shona Hewitt

Centre Manager Pupuke Early Education Centre.


Ambury Farm Open day

Ambury Farm has a couple of Open Days each year.

Each year I set up a stall to promote my picture books – lovely memories to keep of Ambury Park Farm  with stories of Roger the Rooster and The Spirit of Cameron.

Ambury Park farm Open Day

Although Ambury Park Farm Day 2014 had four seasons in one day, rain, wind, cold weather then the sun came out. The public still ventured out and visited in their thousands. I sold lots of books including my anthologies of SHORT STORIES.

The Spirit of Cameron

The Spirit of Cameron by Robyn P MurrayWhat did Cameron and Roger the Rooster decide to do for their Ambury Park Farm friends who wore Gumboots as a big surprise for Christmas?


The Spirit of Cameron is still felt in Ambury Park Farm. People talk fondly of the big Clydesdale Horse who had lived for years at the farm after retiring from pulling big carts full of barrels in Auckland City.  Cameron died some years ago and a strong Kauri Tree is planted in the park to remember him.  He came to the Park in 2004 and had a quiet nature allowing him to be around the thousands of children who visit the Park each year. He had his own ‘horse port’ and a special platform was built to allow the children to brush him.  He was a gentle giant, wonderful with children and he loved prams.  I remember seeing a fearless 2 year old Kate holding her hand up to stop Cameron’s head coming down to her pushchair looking for food.

Cameron the Clydesdale horse will always be remembered with affection by Janine, all the volunteers and visitors to Ambury Park Farm.

This picture book may be enjoyed by older primary school age children.

“The Spirit of Cameron”  is available from WHEELERS, Amazon Kindle and in print.

To place a direct order, please complete your contact details HERE

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