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Old and New Tales to Read in a Hammock

Two earlier books of Tales and More Tales to read in a Hammock have been edited and more exciting stories added to combine in one book – Old and New Tales To Read in a Hammock. Great stories to read on a commute to work, relax before bed, read in a Hammock in the Summer or a log fire in winter. Well received by readers who enjoy Robyn’s books.

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NZ Book Festival 2016 – come and meet Robyn on the 5th November at the Mount Eden War Memorial Hall. Details here. Check out the Blog posts and see what inspires her to write and other observations.

I recently received this review about OLD AND NEW TALES TO READ IN A HAMMOCK – I have had similar comments but this made me smile.

Hi Robyn

I bought your book this morning and I would like to give you some feedback as requested.

This book is going to be a real problem for me.  I sat down a few minutes ago to have a look at it started reading and have had to make myself close it!

If the rest of the stories are as good as the first two this will be a lovely journey for me.  I just need to try and stop reading it lol.

Liz Wright



Tales to Read in a Hammock

With Tales to Read in a Hammock, Robyn P Murray strives to recreate experiences for her readers by presenting a collection of artfully crafted short stories dealing with a wide variety of themes—from human strengths and weaknesses, to the obstacles facing romance, to family togetherness.

Written over the course of many years, several of these stories have been read on the radio programWriters On Air, and some have appeared in various publications. This is the first time you’ll find them all together in print, however, ready to keep next to your bedside, load up on your Kindle, or enjoy in a hammock on a relaxing afternoon.

Even the busiest reader can steal a quiet moment to enjoy one of Murray’s stories, all lighthearted reads that leave you thinking about the memorable characters and wondering how their lives may have turned out, long after the last page is turned.

Louise de Varga review of Tales to Read in a Hammock – ‘I intended to read one story before going to sleep – but I was hooked and kept reading – love the stories.’

Now available on Amazon.

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