Neal William’s Adventure

Neal William's Adventure
A lovely funny story with great illustrations

Neal William’s Adventure is a  cute children’s story where a boy meets a worm driving a motorbike who takes him on an adventure through the garden. Neal brings a red spotted hanky, a black smooth stone and a piece of string and all are useful on their adventure. Who do they save? What happened when they are stuck on top of the compost heap?

Book available now. Contact Robyn for more information.

Another revue:

As a grandparent…

I really enjoyed this story which not only entertained but also seemed very plausible for a 5 year old’s active imagination. The illustrations helped keep my listeners focused on the story and the layout, words and sentence structures were simple and flowing for good story telling.

My audience (a five year old grandson) liked the story enough to give it pride of place on his nightstand and as a developing reader was able to tackle much of the book. I think the motorbike, parachute and slide in the subject played a big part in capturing his interest.

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