El Gallo Rogelio De La Granga De Ambury Park

El Gallo Rogelio De La Ambury Park by Robyn P Murray
El Gallo Rogelio De La Ambury Park by Robyn P Murray

Children’s Illustrated Book Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park farm after many requests has been translated into Spanish.

El Gallo Rogelio De La Granga De Ambury Park at $30  is now available. A package of both books in English and Spanish for a very special price of $45 plus postage for them both. Wonderful gift for the Latin American Community who would like their children to enjoy reading Spanish and also have the English version to read too. Contact Robyn to order the books.

Jimi said the translation of book was “better than excellent”, he really enjoyed it.

Revue for Roger and Rogelio.

I already read them and love both of them. I really like  your writing style and specially that Roger/Rogelio teaches without preaching. I am sure my grandson will love this book for the story, the drawings and even now (he is only 4) for what it tells you.

Muchisimas gracias!!  Olga – Adelaide Australia.

Today 1st February 2017 I received this revue of EL GALLO ROGELIO from Megan a Spanish Teacher in Auckland.

I thought I’d send you a quick message to say hello as I picked up your book from the library yesterday and was surprised to see it in Spanish about Ambury Farm right here in Auckland!
I’m a kiwi Spanish teacher and am passionate about good quality literature options for young learners in other languages. I wanted to say that Nina (my 22 month old daughter) and I enjoyed your book very much and are there any others?!

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