The Lazy Glamorous Godmothers

A laugh out loud tale of The Lazy Glamorous Godmothers and their amazing eventful evening babysitting Jack with the help of the clever cats, Tall Black Kitty and Tall Ginger Kitty.

A laugh out loud tale about a baby sitting evening with The Lazy Glamorous Godmothers with Jack and The Tall Kitties.
A laugh out loud tale about a baby sitting evening with The Lazy Glamorous Godmothers with Jack and The Tall Kitties.

This book will join Neal William’s Adventure and Jack’s Mountains in a book launch shortly at the Mangere Bridge Library. A delightful Children’s Illustrated Book for ages 3 – 9 or even grown ups!

Neal William’s Adventure

Neal William's Adventure
A lovely funny story with great illustrations

Neal William’s Adventure is a  cute children’s story where a boy meets a worm driving a motorbike who takes him on an adventure through the garden. Neal brings a red spotted hanky, a black smooth stone and a piece of string and all are useful on their adventure. Who do they save? What happened when they are stuck on top of the compost heap?

Book available now. Contact Robyn for more information.

Another revue:

As a grandparent…

I really enjoyed this story which not only entertained but also seemed very plausible for a 5 year old’s active imagination. The illustrations helped keep my listeners focused on the story and the layout, words and sentence structures were simple and flowing for good story telling.

My audience (a five year old grandson) liked the story enough to give it pride of place on his nightstand and as a developing reader was able to tackle much of the book. I think the motorbike, parachute and slide in the subject played a big part in capturing his interest.

El Gallo Rogelio De La Granga De Ambury Park

El Gallo Rogelio De La Ambury Park by Robyn P Murray
El Gallo Rogelio De La Ambury Park by Robyn P Murray

Children’s Illustrated Book Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park farm after many requests has been translated into Spanish.

El Gallo Rogelio De La Granga De Ambury Park at $30  is now available. A package of both books in English and Spanish for a very special price of $45 plus postage for them both. Wonderful gift for the Latin American Community who would like their children to enjoy reading Spanish and also have the English version to read too. Contact Robyn to order the books.

Jimi said the translation of book was “better than excellent”, he really enjoyed it.

Revue for Roger and Rogelio.

I already read them and love both of them. I really like  your writing style and specially that Roger/Rogelio teaches without preaching. I am sure my grandson will love this book for the story, the drawings and even now (he is only 4) for what it tells you.

Muchisimas gracias!!  Olga – Adelaide Australia.

Today 1st February 2017 I received this revue of EL GALLO ROGELIO from Megan a Spanish Teacher in Auckland.

I thought I’d send you a quick message to say hello as I picked up your book from the library yesterday and was surprised to see it in Spanish about Ambury Farm right here in Auckland!
I’m a kiwi Spanish teacher and am passionate about good quality literature options for young learners in other languages. I wanted to say that Nina (my 22 month old daughter) and I enjoyed your book very much and are there any others?!

The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales

Twisty_Chritsmas_Tales_Cover_2014_tnI was thrilled when  my story A Snowy Kiwi Christmas appeared in 2014 edition of The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales alongside such well known authors as Joy Cowley, David Hill, David Freer and many others.

An Anthology of 31 stories for children from 8 – 12 year olds. A very popular book both in Kindle and paper back before Christmas and I have also been selling it well alongside my other books.

I was excited to travel with fellow writer Kerrie Anne Spicer to Wellington for the book launch November 13th, 2014 and had an opportunity to talk to the other writers and meet the PHANTOM FEATHER PRESS team who produced the book.

snowman A snowy kiwi christmas 14

More Tales to Read in a Hammock

Tales to Read in a Hammock

A new collection of short stories, More Tales to read in a Hammock,  is now available from Amazon.

Also now available in print contact Robyn to buy the book as a Gift for yourself or a friend. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Another light hearted collection by Robyn P Murray, continuing her first Anthology of short stories recounting challenges of family relationships, humour, murder, romance or thought provoking.

I know two books written by a Kiwi author that fit this picture so perfectly. Written by Robyn Murray (Robyn P Hirst) they are, 'Tales to Read in a Hammock' & 'More Tales to Read in a Hammock'.
I know two books written by a Kiwi author that fit this picture so perfectly. Written by Robyn Murray (Robyn P Hirst) they are, ‘Tales to Read in a Hammock’ & ‘More Tales to Read in a Hammock’.

Great stories, some short some longer, to read before bed, on a commute to work, relaxing in a hammock or by a log fire. Find out who is Watching the Watcher. Who put the Coffin in the Lounge when a family arrive to move into their new home? Finding Maureen: the sequel to Leaving Danny in the first book. Will Bridget and Polly, caught up in a terrorist plot Escape From Marrakesh?

Enjoy time to relax while you read More Tales to Read in a Hammock.

To contact Robyn, click here.






Tales to Read in a Hammock

With Tales to Read in a Hammock, Robyn P Murray strives to recreate experiences for her readers by presenting a collection of artfully crafted short stories dealing with a wide variety of themes—from human strengths and weaknesses, to the obstacles facing romance, to family togetherness.

Written over the course of many years, several of these stories have been read on the radio programWriters On Air, and some have appeared in various publications. This is the first time you’ll find them all together in print, however, ready to keep next to your bedside, load up on your Kindle, or enjoy in a hammock on a relaxing afternoon.

Even the busiest reader can steal a quiet moment to enjoy one of Murray’s stories, all lighthearted reads that leave you thinking about the memorable characters and wondering how their lives may have turned out, long after the last page is turned.

Louise de Varga review of Tales to Read in a Hammock – ‘I intended to read one story before going to sleep – but I was hooked and kept reading – love the stories.’

Now available on Amazon.

For enquiries regarding hard copies, please leave your message in the reply box below.


Ambury Farm Open day

Ambury Farm has a couple of Open Days each year.

Each year I set up a stall to promote my picture books – lovely memories to keep of Ambury Park Farm  with stories of Roger the Rooster and The Spirit of Cameron.

Ambury Park farm Open Day

Although Ambury Park Farm Day 2014 had four seasons in one day, rain, wind, cold weather then the sun came out. The public still ventured out and visited in their thousands. I sold lots of books including my anthologies of SHORT STORIES.

Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park Farm formated into Braille for Sight Impaired Children

I am very happy to announce that my children’s book Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park Farm, was chosen by The Royal New Zealand Institute for the Blind to be formatted into Braille for blind children to enjoy reading.

Roger the Rooster by Robyn P Murray
Robyn delights in reading her book, Roger the Rooster to children
Roger the Rooster for the Blind
Roger the Rooster for the Blind

Read more here: Onehunga Community News and New fans for Roger the Rooster

“Roger the Rooster” is available from Wheelers.

To place a direct order, please complete your contact details HERE

The Spirit of Cameron

The Spirit of Cameron by Robyn P MurrayWhat did Cameron and Roger the Rooster decide to do for their Ambury Park Farm friends who wore Gumboots as a big surprise for Christmas?


The Spirit of Cameron is still felt in Ambury Park Farm. People talk fondly of the big Clydesdale Horse who had lived for years at the farm after retiring from pulling big carts full of barrels in Auckland City.  Cameron died some years ago and a strong Kauri Tree is planted in the park to remember him.  He came to the Park in 2004 and had a quiet nature allowing him to be around the thousands of children who visit the Park each year. He had his own ‘horse port’ and a special platform was built to allow the children to brush him.  He was a gentle giant, wonderful with children and he loved prams.  I remember seeing a fearless 2 year old Kate holding her hand up to stop Cameron’s head coming down to her pushchair looking for food.

Cameron the Clydesdale horse will always be remembered with affection by Janine, all the volunteers and visitors to Ambury Park Farm.

This picture book may be enjoyed by older primary school age children.

“The Spirit of Cameron”  is available from WHEELERS, Amazon Kindle and in print.

To place a direct order, please complete your contact details HERE

In the news: Tales of Cameron

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