Growing up in Ireland surrounded by myths and legends I have always read books, written, listened to and told stories. I loved writing stories for children of family and friends and was often asked why I didn’t have them published.

In (2012) I decided to independently publish and in June my first Children’s’ Illustrated book, Roger the Rooster of Ambury Park Farm was launched.

I was delighted at the response and soon was reading my book to Early Education Centres and Primary Schools. People were thrilled to read a story set in a well loved local area and soon were sending my book to family and friends all over the world.

Less than four months later The Spirit of Cameron of Ambury Park Farm was introduced at the annual Farm Day at Ambury Regional Park.

My adult short stories are now available to people who enjoy reading as much as I do  on e books as well as hard copy either through my contact page, WHEELERS; also on Kindle.

2017 and Robyn has published 11 more beautifully illustrated Children’s Books, several small books of short stories, a large book OLD & NEW TALES TO READ IN A HAMMOCK with excellent revues. Also contributed two more books.

You can find a current list of published books on my website.

I will have first pages of some of my stories on my blog: Portnagolan Tales and look forward to hearing how you like them.

Robyn P Murray – Author

The NZ Society of Authors

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  1. Hi Robyn,
    I wish you heaps of success. I am looking forward to sharing your children’s stories about Roger and Cameron with Australian cousin’s children next week. Best wishes, Helen

  2. Beautiful stories. Well written and illustrated. A lovely gift for your preschool or primary child. Suitable for both boys and girls. Lovely stories to add to your child’s book collection

  3. I am DELIGHTED for you Robyn. Your talent was always there. Now lots more people will know and the youngsters will benefit. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I have an idea for a fresh theme for a book from you. Please contact me via the above email address.

  4. Hello Robyn,
    My name is (Wobbly,) Pauline and I am soon to launch my web site WobblingPen with self published adult and children’s stories, poems and audio. To say I am scared is putting it mildly.I have always told stories but never written them. I was very interested in the article in the Writing magazine, as parts of your life in some ways is like mine. I am 71 and face the new tech problems and opportunities with the help of a very lovely volunteer team, who willingly steer me through them.
    I was born in Scotland, lived in Malaya and England. We are very fortunate to be Swallows and live part of the year, in KeriKeri North Island, NZ. I just wondered where you live now and if when we return to the NZ we might be able to meet up, if distance allowed and it would be agreeable to you. Just at the moment family health issues, are holding up our return plans for November. If you felt you might like to talk to me my number is . I could call you back again so you incurred no cost. Look forward to your reply. Best wishes Pauline (ph# private details removed).

    1. Hi Pauline
      Lovely to hear from you and I will call you over the next few days to make contact. Would love to meet up on your return to NZ. looking forward to talking with you and exchanging our experiences of writing and life!
      kind regards

  5. Hello Robyn,
    I read you WM piece with interest. I was born in NZ but my parents returned to England after the 1931 Earthquake just before my 3rd Birthday. My interest in all the Pacific region had fascinated me since junior school.
    I’ve been writing non fiction books and mag articles for 50 years with 12 novels written in between for light relief. Now my hobbies have ended I’m concentrating on the best of those shelved novels. With info from my parents and many NZ friends I am publishing first, a series of four family sagas covering the 20th century. The first is -Where Shadows Fall. I have the left over hard backs but now just put this novel on Kindle. It would interest anyone in Australia and NZ history. The 2nd covers NZ in WW2. and Hawaii and will be available as paperback and ebooks very shortly. My books are well researched as I’m a stickler for accuracy.
    Do read my blog for more details – berylsfridaywritingblog.co.uk I look forward to following your blog and hope to learn more about NZ in the process.
    Sorry I don’t yet have a website but the blog keeps me going every week!

    1. Hi Beryl
      Lovely to hear from you. I see you did the opposite journey travelling from NZ to UK. You probably will have read about the Christchurch Earthquakes 3 years massive damage but they are rebuilding the city looking to the future. I do enjoy history too and on both sides of my family Irish Dad and Mum born in Australia
      and brought up in NZ after her Dad marched off to Galipoli with the Australian Imperial Army. Her Grandfather was the Mayor of Hamilton and Cambridge and had the interesting name of James Bond! My Irish side has very interesting history too which I enjoy researching. I am working on completing a collection of short stories and hoping to have some more childrens stories published in the near future.
      kind regards
      and best wishes for your success.

  6. Hi Robyn I am a local Mangere Bridge Nana who really enjoyed reading your book on Roger the Rooster rescuing the lamb to my grandson, who goes to Waterlea School.My son and I had the same experience in England and seeing he is homesick as he lives there now, would love to purchase a couple of copies to have as a memory for him of growing up in Mangere Bridge and Ambury Farm.Is it possible to get them directly through you or do I have source elsewhere?I can personally pick up. Thanks Desiree

  7. Hi Desiree
    I sent you an email but unsure if you received it or not. I would be delighted to deliver the books as I live in Mangere Bridge am often out and about and can easily deliver them. Please contact me on my email robmur@xtra.co.nz in case you don’t receive my email and we can have a chat.
    kind regards

  8. We had the pleasure of hosting Robyn at Oceania’s Book Lover events in Auckland July 2017. Robyn shared her amazing life stories which inspired her books- telling us the story behind the stories. Her down to earth talks resonated with our audiences and they enjoyed the events very much.

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